What we do

Consultancy - Available on a range of topics from Garden/Estate management reports, horticultural maintenance reports and design consultancy.​

Garden Design/ Landscape Design – Concept schemes through to full planting schemes undertaken. Our Herefordshire based operation has completed designs across the UK and beyond.  This year, our design team have completed schemes that our hard and soft landscaping teams have created on a number of large projects throughout England and Wales.​​​​​​​​​

Hard Landscaping – This includes a wide range of specialist applications undertaken by a highly skilled team of landscapers and covers all excavations and groundworks, paving, walling, steps and water features. The hard landscape teams boast specialist craftsmen in both natural and dry stone walling and rock placement, stone paving and timberwork.​

Soft Landscaping/Garden Maintenance – Our skilled team of passionate and creative plantsmen will help transform an area to realise the wishes of our clients.  Qualified horticulturalists can complete specialist maintenance tasks and make recommendations to further improve and develop gardens.​







At Howle Hill Nursery, we are passionate about plants and want to share this passion with you. We can design any style of planting plan to create an intended result or atmosphere taking into account aspect, soil and location.

Our range of horticulture services span from detailed plant designs, show garden standard planting to specialist pruning, undertaken by fully qualified individuals. We are proud to say that we are approached throughout the UK for our expertise.

​Please feel free to contact us regarding the sourcing or purchase of any plant you are seeking.

Tree Hire now available!

...For that extra special  wedding or occasion 

Tree Hire now available!

...For that extra special  wedding or occasion 

Tree Hire  ..for that special occasion


Bring some life, impact and that something different..

event tree hire
tree hire
event tree hire

For that Big Wedding, Themed Party, Event or Special Occasion.. Trees and plant can add the wow factor.


Real plants can bring life to space, decorated or lit up they can make a big statement.


Good Specimens, large enough to impact a marquee or a church are hard to find and can be expensive.

Perfect for occasions where you want that natural touch.


We can deliver and set up for you, or you can collect and return the plants yourself...

Come and browse the nursery and take a look at the possibilities.


Call the nursery:  01989 567726  or


Email:  enquiries@howlehillnursery.co.uk


event tree hire